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Transform your old unwanted unworn jewellery into something you will love to wear!

Do you have old unwanted jewellery laying in a drawer? Perhaps you were given a beloved family members ring or necklace when they passed away which is simply not your style. So instead of being enjoyed and worn it lays in a drawer collecting dust.

Then why not have your old, sentimental jewellery remodelled into something you would love to wear? After all jewellery was made to be worn and what better way to keep your loved ones memory alive than creating something new from old which will once again be cherished for many more years to come.

For more details or to book a no obligation consulation please

c Ring white background.jpg
Palladium Ring remodel

The Process....

Clients old sentimental gold
The melting down process

Before old jewellery can be transformed into something new it first needs to be inspected, cleaned and any gemstones removed if there are any

The old jewellery is now ready to be melted down into an ingot

This ingot is then worked into wire or sheet needed to create the new item of jewellery

Screenshot (48).png

The metal is now ready to be turned into the new item of jewellery

This is a long process so please note that having something remodelled is not necessarily cheaper. A fee of £60 is charged to re-work the metal with the cost of the commission on top.

If you are having silver re-modelled it is usually cheaper to buy new metal unless the silver holds huge sentemental value so please bear this in mind.

Gold plectrums made from clients old sentimental gold
Finished plectrums with engraving.jpg
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