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Introduction to Wax carving

Create more 3 dimentional/sculptural jewellery forms

Wax carving is an interesting method to create more 3 dimentional/sculptural jewellery forms which otherwise would be impossible to achieve with sheet and wire. It is also cost effective as there is little material waste and few tools are needed.


During this 3hr class you will learn to create a wax model of your chosen design    using specific wax carving tools, files and burrs.  Once you have carved your wax model this can be sent away to be cast in metal of your choice. Karen can arrange this for you at an extra cost or can be done yourself if you prefer to do so. Full details on where to have your wax model cast will be given during the class.

When the casting returns from the caster it arrives in an unfinished state which needs to be filed, sanded and polished. You can book in for a further session where Karen will walk you through this prosses if required. Please note his session will be charged at £30 per hour.

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This one to one class runs for approx 3hrs and costs £120. Includes all tools and materials needed.

To book this course or if you would like to
chat about options please

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Stone Setting

Rubover setting, Tube setting, Claw Setting and Flush Setting



Learn how to etch patterns onto metal using the press and peel method.

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