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 jewellery remodelling

Learn how to remodel old jewellery


Want to learn how to recycle your old jewellery or scrap metal to create new sheet and wire?

Then this class is for you.


Karen will guide you through the remodelling process and show you tips and tricks to get the best out of smelting.

Please note during this class you will not be making an actual piece of jewellery but creating sheet and wire from your old jewellery or scrap which you can then use for your projects.

This one on one class lasts approx 2-3 hrs and costs £90 when you supply own metal


 If you currently do not have any scrap metal but would still like to learn the process please inform Karen of this during booking and she will supply scrap metal for you. This class plus metal costs £120 (this price is only based on using sterling silver, gold would be much more)  and the metal you transform into sheet and wire is yours to take home and use in your own projects.

For more information or to book please


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