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Free Flow Session

Working on a jewellery project and need a little guidence or use of specific tools?

Then a free flow session at Metallium Jewellery is for you.

A free flow session allows you to work on your own project with the use of the workshop tools with th added bonus of being able to ask Karen for advice if and when you need it.


Perhaps you have just started learning a particular technique and just need a few pointers on how to better your technique.

Maybe you are making a piece of jewellery with a technique which you are not familliar with, don't have the correct tools for and need guidence on the best way to tackle it. These seasons are to primarily help increase confidence in your making skills with Karen on hand if you need advice and guidance

Free Flow sessions are £25 per hour and usually last around 3hrs. However if more time is needed please specify when booking.

Please note these sessions are for people who already have knowledge of jewellery making and not for complete beginners. You must have a good general knowledge of tools you wish to use as most of the time you will be working on your own initiative.

You may wish to bring along some of your own hand tools and just use some of the larger equipment in the workshop. Please feel free to do so

Larger equipment available to use during these sessions:

  • Pendant motors

  • Polishing Motor

  • Barrel polisher

  • Magnetic Polisher

  • Etching equipment

  • Hydrolic press

  • Smelting equipment

  • Doming and swedge blocks

  • Dic cutter

  • Ring, Bangle and stone setting mandrels

  • Round stone setting collet block

  • Photography Set up

  • Kiln

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