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Remodelling demystified

Remodelling is something I get asked about all the time. So, I thought it was about time I write a bit about it in more detail hopefully to clarify some of your questions and help you decide whether a remodel is right for you.


Remodelling is the process of taking old jewellery and usually melting down and reworking it into a new form. I say ‘usually’ as I have worked on some remodels which were not melted down. Instead reworked from their original form such as taking a ring and manipulating it into another shape forming a pendant and adding stones etc.

A lot of people have old jewellery they no longer wear, or even have inherited some jewellery from a relative but it’s really not something they would enjoy wearing. So it sadly ends up lying in a drawer somewhere never seeing the light of day.

People tend to fall into three category’s when it comes to remodelling.

The 1st being it’s amazing being able to be able to finally wear a piece of jewellery they love which has been made with or part made with an old piece of jewellery their loved one used to treasure so much.

The 2nd is of course that remodelling is destroying the loved one’s beloved piece of jewellery.

The 3rd is that they want to reuse their loved one’s jewellery but they don’t want it melted down and reworked. They’d like the piece reformed in someway as they feel melting it down destroys the original piece in some way. I gave an example of this earlier in this post.

If you fall into the 2nd or 3rd category I’d like to challenge your thinking on this if I may?

The 1st thing is it is still the same metal and gemstones the only difference is the form they take. A form that now suits you.

Personally, I think there is no greater honour than taking a loved ones jewellery they treasured so much in life and turning it into something that will be loved and worn again. I like to think it serves as a reminder of the person who is sadly no longer with us. So everytime you put it on and look at it, it takes you back to the special moments you shared with them. I also like to think that the person who’s jewellery you have used in the re-model would have been delighted to see it being loved and worn once more instead of lying forgotten about in a drawer somewhere.

Also, if you are more leaning towards the 3rd category what I will say is this is very, very limiting design wise and only a few things can actually be achieved. So please bear that in mind.

At the end of the day what is the point of having jewellery if it’s not being worn?

Have I changed your mind about remodelling? I’d love to know what you think?

Below are some questions I get asked regularly about remodelling.

What type of jewellery can be remodeled?

Anything made out of precious metals i.e silver, gold, platinum, palladium.

Is a remodel cheaper than having a piece made from new metal?

Yes and no. Here’s why.

1st of all regardless of which precious metal is being used it needs to be melted down and made into sheet or wire. This depends on the design of what is being made. This process can be time consuming and sometimes tricky depending on the metal. This has to be completed before the jeweller actually starts to make the piece. Whereas with new metal the metal can be bought in the size and shape needed for the commission. So, before the piece is made you are paying for the jeweller’s time to make the old jewellery into workable metal. For this process I personally charge £60 and then the cost of the commission is on top. So the quote you receive will include the cost of the remodelling.

Now even although you are paying £60 for the remodelling process it can be cheaper if you are wanting something made in gold, platinum or palladium i.e the precious metals that are at the dearer end of the spectrum. This is mainly because these types of metals especially gold are at an all-time high. In fact, never have I seen a time in my 20 plus career when having something made in Platinum was cheaper than having something made in 18ct white gold. Platinum was pretty much always the king of metals price wise.

Gemstones can also be reused. So, for instance if you have diamonds in your ring again these can be re-purposed, and you will save money on that.

If you have a lot of silver jewellery you want remodelled, I’d say it’s most likely cheaper for me to buy the metal. However, that being said if the metal holds sentimental value, then of course have it remodelled but if it’s to keep costs down as low as possible this is not the way to go with silver.

Can different carats of gold be mixed together?

Yes, they can. However, when it comes to hallmarking it will depend on what it tests as, as to what hallmark it will receive. For example, if the bulk of the gold is 9ct and a small amount of 14ct is added it is likely that the piece will be marked at 9ct.

Can my yellow gold be turned into white gold?

Yes, it however is a tricky process to get the carats right and at the moment I do not offer this service.

Is it actually my old jewellery you are using to make my new piece?

Yes, it is.

Some people are nervous that their old sentimental jewellery isn’t actually being used. There is no need to worry about this. I personally like to take some pictures of the smelting process to let you see your piece is underway and hopefully reassure that your metal is being used.

What happens if there is metal or gemstones left over from the remodelling process?

Any metal or gemstones from your old jewellery that isn’t used or needed for the remodel will be given back to you. This is your property and I always make sure I give this back. Some people decide they don’t want the rest back. Then only at the customers instruction would I keep it.

What if I don’t have enough old jewellery to use in my new piece?

This simply means I will add more new metal to the old gold during the melting process. If more metal is needed you will be advised of this before receiving a quote.


I hope this post has helped answer some of the questions you might have regarding re-modelling. If you have any further questions, please drop me a message and I’ll be happy to answer them.

If you would like to read more about the melting down process, please visit my remodelling section on my website where you will find pictures of the process as well as a detailed overview of what is involved.

If you would like to chat to me about the possibility of a remodel please drop me a message at

Or fill out the online form at the bottom of the Commissions page on my website.

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